Sunny Set

Hi everyone! I've just finished my exams and now I have time to upload new things for you. This is a new set compound by two new items! A new recolorable (2 Channels) skirt and a new shiny jumper. Hope you really like it¡

Hola a todos! Acabo de terminar mis examenes y ahora tengo tiempo para subir mas articulos para vosotros. Este es un set compuesto por dos cosas: una falda recolorable (2 canales) y un nuevo y brillante jersey. Espero que verdaderamente os guste.

You can find the middle T-shirt and the first shoes HERE

Skirt mesh made by me


2 comentarios

  1. Hi! for some reason the skirt doesnt show up in my game even though I have downloaded it 5 times

    1. Hey, I think you need to have the late night expansion pack